facebook instagram custom audiences tailored to your niche

the sad truth is segmentation by interests doesn’t work on Facebook Ads as you expected…

ficus facebook custom audiences database

You better don’t fool yourself: segmentation by interests barely works to generate qualified audiences on Facebook and Instagram to show your ads, and it does not achieve anywhere near the same results than showing the ads to your actual potential customers: the members of Facebook Groups related to your niche.

crea publicos similares en facebook

Those Facebook users are, as members of one or several groups in the same niche, and as followers of lookalike fanpages, the people who is likely to purchase your products or services.

Wouldn’t it be amazing getting those users key data (mail and / or phone)? Then you could create a fully qualified Facebook Custom Audience and Facebook Lookalike Audience that would convert much better than any other audience, because they are followers and fans (and most likely, users) of the exact same products or services you are promoting.


what you can and what you can’t do on Facebook

Posting ads on Facebook or Instagram can be as overwhelming as living in The Matrix: What is real and what is not in the world of Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads courses and seminars talk about “The Facebook Magic”: Custom and Lookalike Audiences. It sounds awesome (and it is indeed), but… how do you get there?

you can’t target your perfect audience until you get a huge amount of customer data (and then you can create a Lookalike Audience), but you can’t get customers until you post ads and convert your investment in sales (and data). You face a dead end paradox.


Facebook DOES NOT allow to create audiences by adding group members or page followers but with few exceptions: You know, you can segmentate just by interests, age, geographic location, gender… so if you want to go further you have to provide your own database of e-mails and/or telephones from current or potential customers that you have cropped by yourself, either running a lead collecting campaign or by using customers who have already purchased from you before. 

And that means thousands of customers (you can’t create an audience you can trust with just some hundreds: Facebook recommends between 1.000 and 50.000 (*) to create a lookalike audience that works). So what if you are just starting your business? Where and how can you get those leads?

(*) It all depends on your business: if you run a local company in a small/medium city 1.000 leads might work. If you sell nationwide or globally you are going to need way more leads)

facebook custom ads

By the way, don’t forget that running a leads collecting campaign is expensive and the results are uncertain: most of the potential customers you may attract are interested in the reward you are offering in exchange for their data, but most likely not in your product or service eventually.

And what is most important: How much does each of those leads cost you? It is estimated that a lead generating campaign has a CPL between € 0,10 (using your own landing page) and € 0,20 (using Facebook Lead Ads). Just guess the cost of 15-25.000 leads, and don’t forget you still have to work your data in order to have them ready for your Facebook or Instagram ADS: Excel, CSV files…


Of course you can purchase a generic database: one of those that some companies sell with millions of records that promise you conversions: you might have already tried them and you have not achieved anything significant because those databases almost never have anything to do with you: Are there databases of people interested in diving watches? Of women interested in shoes? In Japanese language courses? If you find those databases and you can trust the seller… buy them right now!

So what can you do to get a targeted audience?


save months of boring work! save thousands of euros/dollars!

Money is money. Time is money. Everything is wasted money if you waste months or even years in compiling a working database with thousands of leads. And that works if you are lucky enough so your business is performing well from the very beginning (and it’s not only about sales, but also about having many customers who leave their data.)

Our proposal is a shortcut that will save you months of tedious search for qualified leads to use with Facebook and Instagram Ads. And of course it will not only save you thousands of euros (in money and wasted time), but will generate sales from the beginning, because all the leads come from Facebook groups active members that have a clear interest in your product or service: Facebook group members are active and qualified leads, they are not people who just “like” a page because they have been told by a friend and forget some minutes later, but they are active publishers and commentators on your niche.

The FICUS_ ( Facebook + Instagram Custom Audiences) proposal explained:

ficus facebook custom audiences database

The FICUS_ proposal is to provide you thousands of records with e-mail and / or telephone (two data that Facebook accepts to create Custom Audiences) all sourced from the groups related to your niche at 100%. 
Those data belong to Facebook active users interacting in the groups of your  interest. So you can start placing ads within five minutes after receiving the info.

All data that we provide you are obtained in a 100% legal waysince we only crop records that users keep as PUBLIC. We cannot, nor do we know searching for users’ private data (and  we don’t want either because it would be a crime, and a serious one: we don’t want the FBI knockin’ on our door!! 😱 ). That’s why we find a variable number of records on each data mining at each group: WE ONLY CROP PUBLIC DATA, the same data you could pick one-by-one (and waste years doing so). We always find thousands of records, in case you ask us.


what you will get from us

You will receive two files:

  • The first one is an Excel file containing all the data extracted: Facebook uID, name, birthdate, gender, e-mail, telephone and place of residence. Not all the data are filled, since each user decides what they make public and what they keep private, and also not every user fill all the data when registering on FB. But there is always a telephone number and/or a valid e-mail address: with just one of them you can create a Custom Audience. If you want, we can also provide the ID of all the group members (even if they do not have e-mail address or telephone) which you can use for other purposes (like getting followers for your page).
  • The second one is a .CSV file (comma-separated values) with all the e-mail addresses and phone numbers ready for uploading to your Facebook Ads Manager and create your very own Custom Audience and Lookalike Audiences.

the briefing and the data we need from you:

Logically we need to know what product/service you are promoting, the keywords  you are positioning, and an example of 5-10 Facebook Groups of which you are interested in obtaining data. Then we will find your competitors and dozens of groups of your interest. In the results we will find and provide you profiles from all over the world: even if you only sell in your country or if you run a local business, their characteristics will create your custom audience, which you will segmentate on Facebook by the geographical area of your interest when creating your audiences.


HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY for your brand new targeted Facebook Custom Audience?

There are companies and solo entrepreneurs paying thousands of Euros/Dollars for this info!

A database of 20.000 targeted records can cost up to €5.000 (about US$5.600)!

But of course, you won’t pay an amount of money like that…

You are not a Fortune 500 company, nor a Dow Jones or a NASDAQ listed corporation. You are a small company working hard to make a living. You just can afford a small investment .

Just guess we charge 0,10 per record and we give you 25.000 records: Would you pay €2.500? Well, sure the info is worth the money. BUT…

why are we going to charge you €2.500 and sell the info to 20 customers if we can charge a fraction of the amount and sell to dozens?





As we mentioned above, we manage an e-commerce for which we found more than 62.000 leads: If we would had bought ourselves the database it would have cost us more than €9.000,  and wouldn’t have been expensive.

the cost of a database with 15.000-25.000 potential customers will cost you JUST…

€2.500 (US$ 2.800)

€497 (US$ 555)


Payment will always be made by Paypal. With the firm order and before starting the data processing, €200 will be deposited as payment on account. Once the work is finished, the difference will be invoiced before sending the files. You can trust Paypal as the most secure payment method, used by most leading online sellers.

delivery of information

We have a strict entry order policy: First firm order gets first processing, no matter your urgency: When the order is firm it will be queued and we will communicate you the approximate term. As a reference, we usually provide between 20 days and one month of delivery time.


The purpose of the data we provide is the creation of Custom and Lookalike  Audiences for Facebook/Instagram Ads, tailored to your specific niche. You can use the records on Facebook/Instagram Ads because all FB members have given their consent to receive advertising when they signed up.


The use of this data is not allowed for e-mail marketing or telephone marketing (calls or messages): Users have not given their consent for this and they could report you to data protection authorities in your country. Think about it twice before using the data for those purposes: Penalties for violation of data protection laws can reach up to € 600.000 in Europe.

Once sent, we delete the Excel and .CSV files from our system, so you are the only one responsible for the information and what you do with it. Therefore, obviously we can not send the files again if you lose or accidentally delete them, so we strongly recommend storing a backup on a safe device.

contact us at:

pay your €200 deposit at:



€2.500 (US$ 2.800)

€497 (US$ 555)


Please keep in mind that we can work in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian (and other Cyrillic alphabet based languages) and Portuguese. If you need a Facebook Custom Audience in other than these languages, please contact us and we’ll try to help.